4×4 Buy-Back

Discover Africa 4×4 has been developed by African Overlanders (it’s sister company) to give more people the opportunity to explore Africa at their own pace in their own vehicle.

Until now, the costs of this type of adventure have been huge. Essential things such as shipping costs, kitting out the vehicle appropriately and paying for unavoidable visas/carnet de passage and paperwork all add to the equally imperative cost of daily living whilst away. Challenges that crop up along the way may also deter those lacking in confidence to ‘go it alone’.

Having been developed by an experienced overland traveller, Discover Africa 4×4 overcomes many of these hurdles. We are able to provide advice as well as a vehicle you may call your own- and all we ask in return is that you treat the vehicle as if it were yours! This involves completing necessary maintenance checks regularly and repairs as required. From experience, we wholeheartedly agree with Ted Simon when he said

What happened on the way, who I met, all that was incidental. I had not quite realised that the interruptions were the journey”

(Ted Simon Jupiter’s Travels, four years around the world on a Triumph motorcycle).

Discover Africa 4×4 allows you to buy a fully equipped 4×4 vehicle and then sell back to us at the end of your trip for a set amount. This provides a solution to these common problems people encounter when travelling in their own vehicles:

  • From 01/01/2016 the South African government ceased to allow tourists to buy a vehicle; they will not give you the paperwork to own a vehicle. We overcome this by leaving the car in my name and giving you permission to drive it.
  • Growing tensionsin Northern Africa and the Middle East make it increasingly more difficult to drive into Africa.
  • Hiring a 4×4 adds up to the same cost as shipping your car in and out of the country within about 45 days, so for any kind of long tour it is usually not a financially viable option.

Our fully equipped vehicles overcome many of these problems, taking some of the stresses out of planning your adventure. Each vehicle has a basic kitchen with a fridge, basic tools for fixing the car and a roof top tent for sleeping. Further details are provided below, according to the vehicle you choose.

So how does this system work?

  • Contact us to book the vehicle. Generally speaking the minimum booking period is 3 months, though we may be able to accommodate shorter trips based on vehicle availability. A deposit of £1000 is required to confirm your booking.
  • We expect full payment (minus the £1000 deposit you have already paid) for the vehicle one month before your trip is due to begin. Please see below for vehicle costs, as these vary.
  • We can then collect you at the airport to bring you to the car (R350)
  • When you arrive we will spend time introducing you to the vehicle, showing you how to use the facilities and how to manage common problems that may occur. We will also offer information on routes and places to visit and answer any questions you may have. We will also complete a vehicle service with you, as we expect that this is done every 10,000kms throughout your trip.
  • ​The vehicle will now become yours, owned by you until the end of your trip. This means you need to arrange and pay for any maintenance or problems that might arise throughout your trip.
  • ​Within a couple of hours you will be ready to head off for your adventure of a lifetime-though you are most welcome to spend a night in the African Overlanders campsite if you wish. There are always opportunities to chat with others who have been driving overland. Please ask for camping costs.
  • Your vehicle will be insured in several neighbouring countries. In other countries you will need to organise your own insurance according to your individual needs.
  • On the return of the car to Discover Africa 4×4, the car will need to be handed back to us in the same condition as you collected it in and be passed by our mechanics as ‘roadworthy’. The costs of essential works will be deducted from the money you paid us previously, or charged directly to you if there are insufficient funds.


You will require a driving license showing that you are legally able to drive a vehicle; preferably you will also have an international driving license. An international drivers licence may be essential, depending on the country you hold your driving license within. Please ask your local automobile club for further advice.


It is strongly advised that you take out personal travel insurance; please make sure that it covers you whilst driving a vehicle in Africa. This is more important than all the other types of insurance. Please see below in the ‘important documents’ section for details of the insurance we provide as standard.

Where can I go?

Not all countries are covered under the insurance we are able to provide. The following countries can be visited easily:

South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania.

The following countries are usually OK but can sometimes change their rules of vehicle entry: Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

To go to Ethiopia and Sudan a ‘carnet de passage’ needs to be organised. This involves which putting a deposit down against the value of the car and paying a fee for the printing and processing of the carnet.

So how to book:

Once you have chosen a 4×4 and the availability of dates has been checked with us, a deposit of £1000 has to be placed to hold the car.

A month before arrival, the full vehicle cost must be paid (inclusive of your £1000 deposit). Your monthly rent and end of use mechanical check will be taken out of this.

Once you arrive we go over the 151 point check with you and how to use the 4×4 and its equipment. Whilst on the trip we ask you to service the car every 10,000kms, we will show you how to do this when you arrive with us. The cars are older models so will always have some small problems that need to be checked regularly- but these are never trip ending flaws. As long as you follow our day to day checks and make sure the 4×4 is looked at if there is a problem, just like you would if it were your own car, you will have no issues.

You will need to buy yourself some bedding, which will include pillows, sheets and pillows; some people in the colder months have opted for an electric blanket as well.

You will also need to think what spare parts you wish to take with you, these can be purchased at the local Midas store in close distance to our farm. Some ideas include spare pipes, o-rings and the equipment to do the service every 10,000 kms.


We provide insurance for the cars (Land Rover Defender and Discovery) within the Republic of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe or Malawi, in other regions it is your responsibility to cover the 4×4 or drive without insurance. Please see the important documents below for details of these insurances.

Rental Period

The minimum buy back time is three months. On occasion we can hire them out for a shorter period of time; however this is on application only. Please contact us to discuss this further.

So the cost

At the end of your trip you ‘sell’ the car back to us! We will deduct the monthly fee and any mechanics fees (for the 151 point check on return of the vehicle, and any repairs that are deemed necessary) from the money you paid us before you set off. The rest of the money is given back to you! An allowance of 4000 kms per month is included in rental price, after this it costs R1 per kilometer- this will also be deducted if appropriate.

Example costing for a three month trip in the land Rover Defender:

A deposit of £1000 is laid down on booking then £4500 is paid one month before arrival. From this money on your return £1650 will be taken out for the rental costs. As will the cost of any lost or broken equipment supplied and anything that needs to be replaced on the vehicle (as an example let’s say this costs £300). In this scenario we would keep a total of £1950 and £3550 would be returned to you. If you had used more than 12,000 kms in this time then an excess of R1 per kilometre would also be charged.

So let’s look at the cars

Land Rover Defender

Engine​2.5 TDi​ Doors​3

ABS Brakes​No​Radio / CD​Yes

Power Steering​Yes​Manual / Automatic​Manual

Fuel Tank​80 litres​Fuel​Diesel xx litres per 100km

Seats​ 2​

Roof top tent​ Yes for 2 adults

The Land Rover Defender (the classic African Overland Car) is available, having recently returned from a trip to Mozambique.

Key features: Year 98, 2 spare tyres, 1 big fridge with two separate boxes which can be controlled differently, so has an optional freezer. 2 chairs, 1 big table, a lot of awesome tools for the car, 1 barbecue , lots of kitchen stuff, 8 exactly fitting black boxes for the back storage, 3 containers (2 for water, 1 for spare diesel), 1 gas cylinder, 1 electric rope winch and a tow bar, safety equipment including florescent jacks and triangles and fire extinguisher.

Cost of vehicle is £5500, Rental per month (minimum of 3 months) is £550 plus any repair costs on return, this is taken out of the cost of the vehicle (see explanation above).

Land Rover Discovery

Engine ​2.5 TDi​

Doors ​3

ABS Brakes​ No

​Radio / CD​ Yes

Power Steering​ Yes

​Manual / Automatic ​Manual

Fuel Tank​ 80 litres​

Fuel​ Diesel xx litres per 100km

Seats ​4 can be 6 but no room in the boot

​Roof top tent​ Yes for 2 adults, a tent can be added for 4 people

Seats 4 easily, can accommodate 6 but there would be no space for equipment.

The car has the same advantages as the Defender, but is more comfortable.

Key features: The vehicle includes 1 table and 2 chairs, a 12 V refrigerator Not a freezer just a fridge – connected to the electric winch, full kitchen equipment, a complete tool set and safety equipment including florescent jacks and triangles and fire extinguisher.

The cost of the vehicle is £ 5500. The rent per month (minimum 3 month) is £ 550. Plus any repair costs on return. This is taken out of the cost of the vehicle (see explanation above).

Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series

Engine​ 4.2 Diesel​

Doors ​5

ABS Brakes​ No​

Radio / CD​ Yes

Power Steering ​Yes​

Manual / Automatic ​Manual

Fuel Tank​ 80 litres

​Fuel ​Diesel xx litres per 100km

Seats ​4​

Roof top tent ​Yes for 2 adults, a tent can be added for 4 people

The 4.2 diesel engine of the Land Cruiser adds an element of power and off road driving like no other 4×4.

Key features: The car includes 1 table and 2 folding chairs, 12v Fridge (connected to tow bar electrics), full kitchen equipment, a full tool set and safety equipment including florescent jacks and triangles and a fire extinguisher.

Cost of vehicle is £4500. Rental per month (minimum 3 months) is £450. Plus any repair costs on return. This is taken out of the cost of the vehicle (see explanation above).

This vehicle is code 3. This means it cannot be insured in any country unless they sell at the border. This is because it has been rebuilt. The car is an older option, but drives well.

Additional Cost

There are no additional costs apart from your travel/living costs and border crossing costs.


Important Documents

If you are interested then please read through the important documents and then get in contact with us if you have any queries.